Recall Process
Return Kit Instructions

Please check whether your Return Kit includes the following:

  • Instruction Sheet

  • Shockproof Box

  • Cardboard

  • Waterproof Sealing Bag

  • Padded Envelope (with affixed Surface Transportation Only label, warning label and battery label on the front side, and folded DOT Special Permit Document on the back side.)

If anything is missing, please contact: efr@beanworthy.com

  1. Safely discharge the battery. Please place the recalled EnergyFlux Hand Warmer in a safe, dry location outdoors with no flammable materials nearby. Turn the hand warmer on until its battery has been brought to a reduced state of charge: in other words, turn it on until the indicator LED stops flashing.

  2. After the battery is fully discharged, put the hand warmer into the Waterproof Sealing Bag and securely seal the bag.

  3. Open the Shockproof Box. Place the sealed EnergyFlux Hand Warmer into the Shockproof Box with flame-proof padding. Close the box and securely fasten the four latches. Use packing tape to wrap around the Shockproof Box to ensure it cannot open accidentally.

  4. Please check your inbox for the email titled EnergyFlux hand warmer Return Kit Shipping Label to find prepaid USPS Shipping Label in the PDF attachment. Please check whether you’ve received this email, and that the shipped-from address is correct. If yes, print out the shipping label. If no, please email us at efr@beanworthy.com. Do not re-adjust the size of the shipping label.

  5. The label may be slightly larger than indicated in the return kit instructions. The part of the label below the bar code with the letters RMA followed by a number can be removed. Place the label on the return kit envelope in a way that does not cover any of the warnings printed on the envelope.
  6. Insert the cardboard and Shockproof Box (with EnergyFlux inside) into the Padded Envelope. Make sure the cardboard is placed against the front side of the Padded Envelope to ensure the USPS Shipping Label is flat and the barcode is scannable.

  7. Seal the Padded Envelope and mail out the package at the post office.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ, email us at efr@beanworthy.com, or call Beanworthy LLC toll-free at 1-877-405-4998. As we will experience a high volume of requests during the recall process, please leave a voicemail or write us via email, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.