EnergyFlux Recall FAQ

Q. Why is Beanworthy conducting this recall?
A. We are conducting this recall to keep our customers safe and to prevent the possibility of injuries.

Q. How is Beanworthy conducting this recall?
A. We have removed the problem products from stores and are helping consumers dispose of affected units. We will provide you with a replacement unit, or if replacements are not available, you will receive a store credit toward the purchase of a new, upgraded and safe EnergyFlux model.

Q. What is the problem with my EnergyFlux?
A. Under certain, rare circumstances, the lithium battery in your EnergyFlux may experience a short-circuit, posing a fire hazard.

Q. How can I tell if my product is affected by the recall?
A. This recall affects some units of the EnergyFlux 4400mAh and EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh that were sold in late 2015 and early 2016. To determine if your product is affected, please find the order ID of your purchase on Amazon and search for your order ID in the search bar at the top of website to see whether your EnergyFlux is part of the batch being recalled.

Q. How do I participate in the recall?
A. First, check to see if you are affected. You may do this by entering the order ID of your purchase on Amazon in the search bar at the top of the website. The page How to participate will provide details for how to participate in the recall. We are also contacting all affected customers directly.

Q. My product appears to be okay. Can I continue to use it?
A. No. Even though your product appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to stop using the product immediately and participate in the recall. Please turn off your EnergyFlux and follow the instructions provided on this website. It is illegal to sell a recalled product.

Q. Will I be able to repair the product myself?
A. No. Do not repair the product yourself. Please follow instructions on How to participate for recycling the recalled EnergyFlux and obtaining a replacement or store credit toward the purchase of a new EnergyFlux model.

Q. I no longer have the receipt for the product. Do I still qualify for the recall?
A. Yes. A receipt is not necessary to qualify for the recall; all you need is the order ID.

Q. I no longer have the order ID or Amazon order confirmation email. What do I do?
A. Log into your Amazon account. Toward the top right corner of Amazon’s page, move your mouse over to Accounts & Lists, then in the dropdown list select Your Orders. To see older orders, change the displayed time frame to 2015 or 2016, depending on when your order was placed. Your order records are kept for many years so you will be able to find your EnergyFlux order and associated order ID here.

Q. Will I receive compensation for the product?
A. Yes. You will receive a replacement with new and safe batteries. However we expect to run out of stock at the tail end of the recall period and may switch to refunds in the form of a credit toward the purchase of a new model of the EnergyFlux hand warmer.

Q. I see you selling EnergyFlux 4400mAh and EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh on the Internet. Shouldn’t they be recalled?
A: The EnergyFlux 4400mAh and EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh currently sold have different batteries that are safe to use.

Q. I didn’t receive my return kit. / My return kit is missing components.
A. Please email us at efr@beanworthy.com and include a description of the problem as well as your Amazon Order ID. A customer service representative will assist you.

Q. I got the return kit. How should I pack it?
A. Please follow the instructions on How to Participate. If you still have a problem, please email us at efr@beanworthy.com or call the recall hotline at 1-877-405-4998. As we will experience a high volume of requests during the recall process, please leave a voicemail or write us via email, and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.