EnergyFlux Recall

Please download the updated DOT transportation permit: DOT-SP 20384
Print out the document and attach it to your recall package. The old version may be discarded.

Beanworthy LLC recalls Human Creations EnergyFlux 4400mAh and EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh hand warmers due to fire hazard

March, 2018

*This only applies to some hand warmers purchased between October 27, 2015 and February 16, 2016. Beanworthy will be contacting affected customers directly.

Dear EnergyFlux owner:

We are working in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to voluntarily recall about 12,683 Human Creations EnergyFlux 4400mAh and EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh hand warmers. Because of battery defects, the hand warmers have the potential to overheat and pose a fire hazard. To date, Beanworthy has received two reports of fire. No injuries have been reported.

EnergyFlux 4400mAh and EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh hand warmers come in various colors including black, grey, pink, red, orange, green, blue and silver with the model numbers listed below. EnergyFlux Ellipse 5200mAh, EnergyFlux Lite 2600mAh, EnergyFlux HEF 5200mAh, EnergyFlux Enduro 7800mAh are not affected as they use batteries from a different source.

EnergyFlux 4400mAh EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh
Series # K408-1, K408-1A, K408-1B, K408-1C K408-7A, K408-7B, K408-7C, K408-7D, K408-7E, K408-7F
Laser Engraving Human Creations
EnergyFlux 4400mAh
Human Creations
EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh

These affected hand warmers were sold on Amazon.com, and we are contacting affected customers directly. To check if your unit is affected, please enter your Order ID in the search bar at the top of the website. When entering the Order ID, make sure to copy and paste the exact string of numbers and dashes. For example, 111-2222222-3333333. Affected customers will receive instructions on recycling the unit and obtaining a replacement or a store discount toward a new replacement model. If you have multiple orders, please do this separately for each order.

For further questions, please check our FAQ, email us at efr@beanworthy.com, or call Beanworthy LLC toll-free at 1-877-405-4998. As we will experience a high volume of requests during the recall process, please leave a voicemail or write us via email, and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.